Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some links for your viewing pleasure...

Thought I'd put up some photography related links that may be of interest to you all!

Classic Photographs in LEGO!
A hilarious take on some of the most famous images in history, redone using LEGO by Balakov! He also includes links to the real photos, plus a photograph of the set up to take the shot. Take time to browse his whole photo stream, lots of neat stuff there
This site contains images used to test lighting set ups for shoots, uploaded by photographers. Sort of a behind the scenes image, usually containing an assistant. Kinda neat!

Russian Past and Present Combined
A really neat project(all in Russian text though) that combined historical photographs of Russian streets during the WWII era with current images. Really interesting to see the past and the present merged into one.

This website is all about showing off terrible photoshop work on images in magazines, advertisements, etc. Note that it may show a bit of nudity, so as they say, NSFW(NOT SAFE FOR WORK!)

Also I wanted to mention work being done by two of my students:

Custom Camera Straps by Randi Gallant
One of my students, Randi Gallant, along with being a talented photographer(website), also creates custom camera straps!
Another of my students, Sonja MacAskill, has a business restoring retouching photographs. Check out some of the great work she does, and if you have an old photo that needs fixin, contact her!

And as always, if you want to see some great images taken by my students, check out the STUDENT GALLERY!
If you have any good links to share, send me an email, with LINKS in the title!

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