Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Awesome Geminid Meteor Shower This Week! Here's how to get great pix!

The annual Geminid Meteor Shower is here coming up!  It's the busiest one,  so get out your tripods, get a cup of coffee, and go shoot them with some friends! Here's some tips on how!



Pre-Shooting Preparation:
Charge your batteries fully before going out. It's going to be colder at night, and that can affect battery life. Wear some warm clothes, a hat, and gloves. Bring some hot beverages, some friends, and make it a fun outing! At least you'll have someone to talk to between exposures.
Also bring a flashlight or LED keychain light so you can see what you are doing when changing your settings. A headlight looks dorky, but it let's you works with both hands.

Where and When to Go and Sky Conditions:
You want to be as far away from the City/Town as possible to reduce the amount of light pollution. Find a dark road out in the country somewhere far away from street lights.
Obviously it has to be a clear night that you can see the sky. The moon won't be an issue this time around!

You can start to see them after dark, but the best time will be after midnight to 2am on Saturday/Sunday December 13th/14th, when you will have a meteor or two every minute!

Finding Gemini:
Gemini should be in the Eastern sky at that time of night, but you'll see meteors streaking all over the sky from that point.

Do I Need A Tripod?
Yes, and the heavier the better!

Start with 400 ISO and see how much detail you can pick up. If you aren't getting enough details or if you don't have a lens with a wide aperture (F2.8/F4), try 800 ISO.

You want to use a wide(16-35mm) to normal lens(50mm) so you can get a wide range of sky area. 


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Unknown said...

Thanks for those tips!
It will be helpful
Good wishes from Mexico!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks! I just read about the meteor shower today from National Geographic, I am going to shoot some with a group in a dark isolated place. Love and greets from Turkey!

ClickNCamera said...

Sorry I missed this shower. Thanks for sharing this great shot!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the tips and guide. I just got in from about an hour out in the woods. I don't think I managed to capture any meteors but I saw a good amount of them and I had a good time. :)

test said...

My pleasure Ludwig! I know it can be hard sometimes to record them as they can be anywhere in the sky.
Glad you had a good time!