Thursday, November 27, 2014

Noel Chenier's Camera Buying Guide For 2015

Here's a quick list of options for those looking to buy a SLR camera to get into photography, or treat themselves for being good this year by upgrading!

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Noel Chenier's Lens Buying Guide for 2015

Most camera kits come with a wide angle-normal(18-55mm) or a wide angle-short telephoto(17-85mm). Which is great...if all you want to do is wide shots and the party photos. Here a guide to what to look for when buying other lenses, including telephotos and macro!

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Noel Chenier's Camera Accessory Buying Guide for 2015

This posting will be about what accessories Santa should bring you for your camera!


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Noel's Flash and Flash Accessory Buying Guide 2015

If you are looking to add a flash or two to your collection, here are some options for your Christmas list...

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What fun stuff to buy FOR your photographer for Christmas 2014!

This blog post is for anyone who has a PHOTOGRAPHER to buy for and want to get them something fun and quirky...or useful! Some of this stuff can be found locally, but some you'll have to order from Toronto or the states...but c'mon, your photographer is worth it!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tis the season for Christmas concerts! Here's how to photograph them!

 With the school Christmas concert season upon us, time to yet again recycle an oldie but a goodie blog post!! Here's some tips on getting the great concert photos!