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Buying a Tripod

Camera Buying Guide

Camera Accessory Buying Guide

Lens Buying Guide

Flash and Flash Accessory Buying Guide

Fun Stuff to Buy FOR Your Photographer for Christmas



Fun with Sparklers!



Tips for Shooting the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta

Buskers on the Boardwalk

Tips For Getting Better Photos at a High School/University Graduation

Tips for great Halloween Photographs

Tis the season for Christmas concerts! Here's how to photograph them!

Tips for Photographing Christmas/New Year's Parties

How to photograph your Christmas tree...with or without your family!

Tis the season for Christmas concerts! Here's how to photograph them!



How to Photograph the Perseids Meteor Shower

How to Photograph the Draconids meteor shower 

Photographing the Northern Lights

How To Photograph Fireworks For Canada Day or 4th Of July!

How To Photograph New Year's Eve Fireworks!




Get Great Back To School Photos!

Tips for great Halloween Photographs

Get Great Sliding/Snowboarding/Winter Fun Photos



What the #$%^ Did the Lab Do To My Picture?!?!?!

Photographers: Stop Being The Person Who Is Never There In Your Family Photos



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