Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun with Sparklers!

With New Brunswick Day(or whatever Province-you-are-in day) coming up, I thought I'd share some tips on getting some interesting images with sparklers!

ISO: 400
APERTURE: F11 to start(adjust if necessary)
SHUTTER SPEED: Anywhere from 1" and longer.
LENS: A normal lens works great, you can use wide angle if you are in a cramped space.
FLASH: External flash preferred, but pop-up will do. Being able to shoot with the flash off-camera is ever better! Because TTL will probably mess up the exposure, I'd suggest using manual power (if you have it on your pop-up)and just adjust the power level until you get the distance you want. Because you are shooting at a smaller aperture size, you'll probably have to set the flash power to 1/4 to 1/1(full)
WHITE BALANCE: Daylight/Full Sun will make the sparklers nice and warm, Tungsten/Incandescent will take out the yellow and make them white(but if you use flash, the light from the flash will go blue). If you shoot in RAW, you can always change it after.
TRIPOD keeps the lines nice and straight
REMOTE TRIGGER (helps prevent camera shake blur, even when on a tripod)


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