Thursday, November 19, 2009

ANNOUNCING LEARNPHOTO.CA, my new online photography community!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of LEARNPHOTO.CA, my new online photography community.
The goal of this endeavor is simple. Create a great online environment for those who love photography and want to share their love with others. I want this to be a place to learn and share your knowledge with your fellow photographers. This is a chance for me to stay connected with my students and offer help and guidance in an even better way.
I am inviting all of you to register and take part.
Oh, so there must be tons of annoying ads then, right?  
Just like the gallery, I’m doing this to educate, not make a fortune.
Here are some of the great resources that you can access once you register:
1. A WEBLINKS section that will provide you will amazing links to all things photographic. Not only will you be able to find a huge resource of links, YOU can add to it! Users can submit links for the various categories. The main page has a box that put the latest links up, so when you log in, you will see what’s new! I’ve already put a bunch in, but once you register, submit away!
2. A DISCUSSION forum. There will be a variety of forums (technical Q&A, classifieds, news, upcoming events, reviews etc). Users can subscribe to the forums so they can be notified when new posts are made, or when someone replies to their posts. Unlike the previous forum, which did not have that feature, you will be kept up to date with new postings! Want to sell equipment? You can post an ad and have it seen by your target audience, photographers! Having a gallery show? Post it in the events! Found an interesting article about macro photography? Share it! Again, this will be your opportunity to share with your fellow photographers and truly be a member of the community.
3. ASSIGNMENTS-Periodically I will post some assignments to keep your skills up, get you shooting again, or challenge you to create something different and interesting or try a new technique. There are already a ton up there, so get cracking!
4. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION(FAQ) section-Here is where you can find answers to questions you have about the gallery, my courses, and me! You can also submit questions for me to answer, helping others in the process and allowing me to improve the site!
5. A PRIVATE MESSAGING system, so you can send messages to other students without giving out your personal email. The site will notify you if you have a message!
-My PHOTO TIPS blog is also integrated with the site. One click, it’s comes up in the main window.
-The STUDENT GALLERY can be accessed two ways. Unfortunately you will have to log into this separately as right now it can’t be integrated with the same user system, but I’m working on it! You can have it open up in the main window, or a separate window. The only problem with opening up in the main window is that if you click a different resource(weblinks, forum, etc) it will log you out. If you have it open in a new window, it won’t log you out. Gonna work on that....
-Info about all my courses and workshops will be available on the site and updated regularly, including upcoming dates.
The other great part is that I will have the ability to finally put together the online courses I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Still in the works, but soon you will be able to access online content 24/7. It’s going to rock.  
So enough talk…how do you register?
1) Head to
3) Enter a username. To make things easy, choose your first initial and last name(ex nchenier)
If you already have a gallery password, might as well choose the same one as for your GALLERY log in. 
5) Enter your password. It has to be minimum of 5 characters. Again, if you already have a gallery log in, use the same password.
6) Enter your email address. This will be the email address you will receive notifications on, course info, etc. This must be a REAL email address.
7) Check whether or not you’d like other users to see your email address or not, and agree to the terms of use/privacy policy.
8) Type in your TRUE NAME. Any registrations without a REAL NAME will not be activated. The rest you can fill in later!
9) Verify your information by clicking on VERIFY YOUR ENTRIES.  
10) If there were no problems, Click SUBMIT REGISTRATION. It will send me an email, as well as your username password to your email. SAVE THAT!
11) Wait for me to activate your registration, Once I’ve activated our account, you will be sent an email, and then you are ready to go!  
So what are you waiting for? Register!

Once you are registered, click on GETTING STARTED to start setting up your account and find out how to take part in the various areas!
Any questions or problems, send me an email! Please forward to anyone else you think may be interested.

Noel Chenier

Photographer and teacher

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