Sunday, March 22, 2009

Want to see some great photography? Check out my student's work!

Word of mouth is a great advertising tool, and when it comes to getting students for my photography courses, it is no different! Without a doubt, the number of people who inquire about my courses have been referred to me by a former student. It's only fair that since they recommend me to everyone they know, well, I should do the same!

So, if you would like to see a wide variety of great photographs, check out the work done by my students(like Georges Long, who took the amazing photograph above!)

One of the advantages to taking a course with me is being able to post your pictures online to share with your fellow photographers. The main gallery page is located here.

Here's a rundown of what you will find there:

Indvidual Galleries
Here you can view the work of over 100 of my students! Talk about a variety, every subject you could imagine is here, from landscape to night to abstract to portraits to underwater photography to you name it!

Workshops and Field Trips
These are galleries full of images taken by my students during the various workshops and field trips I offer. From trips to St Martins, Kings Landing, to outings in Uptown Saint John, to fireworks and lighting and photoshop courses, you can get a sense of the kinds of photo opportunities you will have when you come with me!

Group Albums
This is a group of a variety of albums, from shots taken from assignments I've given to various themes.

Some highlights include:
-the PORTFOLIO album, where I've asked my students to post their favourite five pictures and tell us why they are their faves!
-the SCAVENGER HUNT album, where students post photographs to fit various categories-hot, cold, old, new, yellow, blue, etc...
- the HOW DID YOU DO THAT album, where students post shots and explain how they did it! Another example of how great this group of people is as they are always helping each other out by offering constructive criticism and kind words!

Pictures of the Month and Year Contests
One other benefit of being one of my online contributors is taking part in the Pictures of the Month and Pictures of the Year contests! These give students the oppLinkortunity to put up their best work and vote to decide the winner.

The current Feb 2009 contest is just wrapping up, youLink can view it here.

Previous contests can be viewed here:




So take a look around, and get inspired! make sure you check back often to see what other great stuff my students have come up with!

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